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A different kind of wish

It is customary to wish one’s friends and family a year of health, wealth and happiness on each New Year’s Eve and, oh my, are we disappointed when it doesn’t happen, or even worse, turns out to be like 2021! We fret as we see the neighbour pull into his driveway in his new 4×4, or our friends fly out to ski in Europe, just as random examples. We wonder what has gone wrong; did we not deserve it? In truth, the journey through life does not resemble the adverts, but is rather a path we travel to experience physical reality with all the drama, joy, sadness, upheavals and precious moments that fulfil this journey. Material goods may certainly provide a better class of misery, but true happiness lies elsewhere.

I would like to suggest that we give ourselves a wish for the new year and every new day that comes: to have the strength to face all adversity, the companions to walk through the darkness with us, the curiosity to continually discover something new, the wisdom to know the difference between that which serves and that which harms, the ability to care for others without expecting them to care for us, the perception to listen to our inner voice which is never wrong and from where all knowledge comes, the humility to walk in another’s shoes, but most of all, a heart that is able to feel appreciation for the natural beauty of this world, to understand that it is given to us for our enjoyment and to teach us that not honouring its resources is to have served no useful purpose to humanity or the planet.

With all these tools at our disposal, the journey will be littered with health, wealth and happiness, even if it takes a while to realise just what those things really are.

One thought on “A different kind of wish

  • Another lovely and thought provoking article and picture. Thank you Pamela. May we reflect our purpose for being created.


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