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Chalk and Cheese

Although I have no idea what inspired the above as a name for a coffee shop, and perhaps I should ask, I can definitely recommend it as a destination for a relaxing spot to chat to a friend on a comfortable sofa or old-fashioned armchair, surrounded by bric-a-brac that will remind you of your grandmother’s home. A central wall, a remnant of the layout of this old building that was one of the very first commercial properties in Fish Hoek, partitions the coffee shop into three sections – one side has the usual chair/table combos that make it possible to enjoy a meal, and the other the informal seating area where it is easy to drink a cup of tea as if in someone’s lounge. The back part is where the action is – coffee machine, kitchen, owners.

Being set slightly back from the main road at the traffic circle, the passing vehicles are not as intrusive for those at the outside seating (compared to Kalk Bay, where meals are infused with diesel fumes). Perhaps that is the thought behind the name! Will let you know.

I joined an old friend for a catch-up yesterday, not having heard of it even, while she is a regular patron, and we enjoyed excellent coffee accompanied by my old favourite, the scone. This was a good size, homemade, and light as a feather without the doughiness of some establishments. I would say top of the list so far. With no waiting staff (you place your order at the back of the shop and it is brought to your table unobtrusively, it truly was like visiting a friend at home without them slaving over a hot stove to provide refreshments.

A delightful ambience, lots to look at if you have time to spare, and definitely worth a return visit to sample the menu further, or just enjoy another cup of coffee and a scone!

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