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Fix it with Food

Finding the foods your body loves

Many people are starting to consciously assess what they eat, with endless nutritional information available on the internet and alternative medicine gaining a real place in our wellbeing. If you read the labels on processed foods, it is not difficult to opt for fresh, homemade dishes where you have complete control over the ingredients. As you begin to investigate the nutritional value of the foods you like, a minefield opens along the way, with titbits of vital information that have never seen the light of day – it is only recently that we have discovered the importance of combining foods for maximum efficacy, or which foods to avoid for particular conditions you may suffer from.

Everyone’s body is different and reacts in a different way to certain foods, and there is no one specially correct way to eat optimally, but the body will tell you when it’s unhappy through pain, illness and discomfort. If we learn to recognise the signs and go through a process of elimination, the body has an amazing ability to fix itself. While I am not advocating a complete rejection of the foods we know and love that have proved detrimental to our general health (we are still only human), once you feel the difference in your body by ditching certain foods, you will be less inclined to make these ‘treats’ a regular item on the menu.

Public enemy #1 is sugar. When we think of sugar, we immediately think of cane sugar that we add to hot beverages, cakes, puddings, and just about everything we eat. I remember eating sugar sandwiches as a child, thankfully not too often, but there you go! Sugar also relates to carbohydrates, some of which are getting a bad rap through low-carb diets, and justifiably, but a generalisation is not helpful when establishing a new eating pattern. We need to cut out all processed carbohydrates (cakes and pastries in the main, and processed food in general) to get onto the right path for a change in body health and the added bonus of an improved body shape.

Start a daily record of your food – just for a week or two – and you will soon see what your main food group is. We will chat further.

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