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How do you take your tea?

As someone whose alcohol consumption stretches to the occasional glass of red wine – which somehow never gets finished – my choice of beverage extends to coffee and tea in the main. But not just any coffee or tea. I have to confess quite freely and openly that I always look in the cupboard to see what brand before I say yes to coffee! If it isn’t what I was hoping for, then tea is fine, and if you think I’m fussy, then water will also do. But not just any water. It must be straight from the tap – not from the fridge and no ice, thank you. Even better, it can be hot with a slice of lemon!

I’ve never been much of an imbiber, not through any misguided moral ideas or problems with misbehaviour, but simply because I don’t feel the need. I will dance on a table without the aid of Dutch courage and definitely feel fine the next day! But back to the tea‚Ķ

As a child, I remember putting spoons of tea leaves into the teapot and using a tea strainer to catch them when I poured the tea. These tea leaves were clearly visible and had actual measurements – at least 2mm x 2mm. Since the advent of the tea bag, the producers have got away with murder, or rather, floor sweepings, and the strength of the tea has suffered so much that it is almost impossible to make one decent cup from a teabag, and definitely not share it. The old rule was one for each person and one for the pot. Unless you buy tea of distinction, you need to make that three for the pot. Tea for me is a rich brown obviously tea colour with just a dash of milk.

Coffee has entered the realms of heaven with the Nespresso machine I have been given. Fresh, full-bodied, rich flavour with a teaspoon of cream. Say no more!

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