Park Cafe, Green Point

Having never been to Green Point Park before, it came as a most pleasant surprise to visit this vast public space with playground equipment, endless level lawns to kick a ball on and well thought out pathways with drinking fountains for people and dogs, created specifically for families to enjoy time together in a safe and relaxing environment. It is exactly what a park should be, without high maintenance flowerbeds, and trees kept neatly trimmed – large groups of young mothers and babies were gathered in their shade, while the older children tried out their new roller skates and pedal cars.

Our purpose, as a hiking group, was not to see what the park itself offered, but rather the small Park Cafe – a 7km walk along Sea Point promenade had whetted the appetites and refreshment was urgently needed. Our group of 10 was accommodated by rearranging a few outside tables and drinks orders promptly taken. Although beer is the drink of choice after a long, hot walk, the Cafe is unlicensed, and on reflection this is a good thing given that it is primarily a park for children and the Cafe is geared towards their needs – ice cream cones, candy floss, cooldrinks, hot dogs – and 0% beer is just as refreshing.

The coffee was excellent, the limited menu absolutely perfect for the venue and the service by our cheerful and enthusiastic young waitress, Thandi, was at the right tempo. Prices were well below R100, with the option to add extras, and when we received our orders revealed them to be great value for money. Presentation was appetising, the ingredients fresh and generous, and my soft poached egg was perfect. Apart from one minor incident of an overcooked egg, which I’m sure would have been replaced, everyone declared their choices to be excellent, and the chicken salad is definitely on my list for next time.

Highly recommended for a light meal on a summer’s day in Cape Town.

2 thoughts on “Park Cafe, Green Point

  • Jan 11, 2023 at 10:32 am

    Written with the usual passion and excellence,!always look forward to these . Many thanks, Bx

  • Jan 11, 2023 at 10:28 am

    Written with the usual passion and excellence . Always sounds so amazing, thank you Pamela. Bx


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