Monday, September 25, 2023

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Salvaging single socks

You are probably aware that our left side is not the same as our right side and nowhere is it more apparent than our feet. My left side is slightly larger (I must emphasise the slightly) and so when I buy shoes, I always try on the left one first. If that shoe fits, the right one will, but if the right shoe fits, the left shoe will be too tight. This is a problem when it comes to socks. The left-hand (left-foot?) sock always wears through the big toe and the one next to it! I always make sure that sock goes back on the left foot to preserve the right sock and eventually throw it away.

There is no end to the supply of single socks in the sock drawer – you all know that in some faraway secret place is a massive population of unmatched socks – perhaps a website (Desperately Seeking Socks) would be a big hit, with mug shots of all the single socks.

And then today I had a brainwave as I looked down at two toes peeking forlornly out of my left-hand sock! I never wear shoes inside the house, but in winter I don’t want to be barefoot. I can use all the single socks as house slippers! They will also pick up stray dog hair and I can run my toes along the skirting boards rather than having to bend down to dust. The toes won’t wear through because they won’t be rubbing against a shoe and they can be thrown in the washing machine with all the other household cloths.

The only thing to look out for will be slipping out to the shop for milk and bread and forgetting that I have odd socks on – but then again, have I ever worried about a skew look?

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