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Sated at Satori

With so many choices of eateries in Kalk Bay, sometimes it is a good idea to go on recommendations, and so when I mentioned to an acquaintance that I was on my way to meet friends for dinner in this always lively, laid-back suburb, his eyes lit up and he said, “Satori!” Funny he should say that. It was indeed our destination, as I had eaten there a few years back and always intended to return (but life got in the way, as the saying goes). A recce of the chalkboard menus around the walls had predisposed me to order the pork belly – always a first choice, yet perhaps not the healthiest! He mentioned that they were highly recommended for their pizza and pasta, being a Neapolitan restaurant, but that was not what I had been dreaming of for the last few days and was unable to adjust my mindset.

All three of us chose the pork belly, which doesn’t make for much of a review of the menu, but it didn’t disappoint in terms of portion size, flavour and succulent tenderness. My only criticisms were not at all relevant – the two large chunks of belly were enough to feed two, and the accompanying vegetables, apart from the bed of fluffy mashed potato, were sauteed baby marrows and masses of mushrooms. Anyone who cares to remember will know that mushrooms are the one food I cannot eat, disliking both taste and texture, and it never entered my head that this would be part of the dish, let alone a dominant one. Having scooped the offenders onto another plate, I was left to ask for a few more baby marrows to boost the vitamin content, and was presented with a large bowl of same with carrots – far more generous than expected and probably putting me in their category of fussy eater, with a photo of me in the kitchen for their rogue’s gallery. A little embarrassing to complain, but they were mushrooms.

Due to the portion size, we were almost unable to share a dessert, and settled for the tiramisu and three spoons – light and delectable, yet rich and extravagant; again a large portion easily shared. A Dom Pedro finished the repast, a little disappointing to not be able to detect any distinct flavour of the Frangelico – maybe the ice cream was too sweet or the hand a little light. However, none of these things detracted from our enjoyment of the early evening dinner, accompanied by the excellent house red, a Bon Courage, and just the right degree of attention from the knowledgeable and efficient waitrons.

When we arrived, only a few tables were occupied, but on our departure the place was filled to capacity, with a queue at the door – this on a Wednesday evening. I didn’t look to see what they were eating, but I am sure it was the pizza/pasta menu – the atmosphere was one of easy eating, convivial company, and red wine flowing. Having eaten off the high end of the menu, and with no regrets, we will be back to try the middle!

(Note: the photo does not depict the actual dish – I forgot to take one!)

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