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Scooter shopping

Yes, it’s true. I have converted.

Those annoying little scooter drivers with the large cooler boxes on the back that weave in and out of the traffic, making it more important than ever to check your mirrors before changing lanes, have become my new best friends. They appeared during COVID when social distancing was the norm and many people didn’t want to risk the always present infection dangers of crowded shopping malls – all diseases! Many years ago, back in the 60s, the OK Bazaars in Fish Hoek used to deliver groceries to us from time to time, so it is not a new concept, but the convenience of these mini deliveries has taken a while for me to appreciate.

Being without a car for most of the time (a hindrance that has severely curtailed my social life and hiking, and hopefully will be resolved soon), combined with a heavy workload has meant that shopping time is at a premium. A little reflection on what I thought would be an unjustified luxury soon revealed that, living in Kommetjie means a fuel cost of around R30 per trip to the nearest mall. Add to that the cost of my valuable time (!) where shopping can take 2 to 3 hours, and the impulse buying that always adds a few hundred rand to the shortest shopping list, and it didn’t take rocket science to work out that I would save a fortune in grocery bills if I had them delivered.

I downloaded the apps (more than one retailer has my custom), placed my first order and in minutes was informed that the selection was under way. A short while later I could track the driver on Google Maps and was ready at the gate to receive two large paper bags with the week’s shopping. I don’t know why it has taken so long for me to use this service; reluctance to let go of an accustomed way of life, perhaps. The driver’s tip was no more than the cost of the ever-present car guards that pop up as you reverse out of your parking spot.

Yesterday I was making a salad for supper, something that needs more ingredients than vegetable accompaniments, and the only thing I could contemplate in this endless summer heat, and there were no salad onions or red peppers. Emergency! A quick tap into the phone app and within 40 minutes a whole bag of enticing goodies was in my hands. I still can’t believe I’ve taken so long. It’s like getting a new toy, and that’s been a long time coming.

The only inconvenience is for the driver. Google Maps and Google Earth have failed to record our property correctly and directs them around the corner!

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