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Something stinks in the supermarkets

There is something seriously lacking in the quality control of certain retailers regarding fresh meat and poultry. I am not alone in bewailing the state of our food supply and know many people who will not buy meat at specific places due to bad experiences. It seems that the products that are processed in some way, such as having the skin or bones removed, are at greatest risk of going off on the supermarket shelf.
Chicken and pork are the main culprits, these meats always being slightly suspect under the best of conditions. Many times, the product has a distinct twang or even a downright stink before it has reached its Sell By date, and the only way to purchase these days is to make a hole in the wrapping and sniff it, rather than taking the chance of having to throw it away when you get home. This was suggested to me and is not something I would have ever contemplated, but it does make sense, If the product is good, you buy it, If not, you hand it to the store manager to deal with. His prime concern should be the customer and his response should be one of gratitude for saving the name of the store. So don’t hold back when it comes to getting quality for your hard-earned cash.
An entire shelf of high-end chicken product was displayed at a leading retailer yesterday, two days past its Sell By date, and the pack I chose for dinner was already off  before its Best Before date. How many people bought these without checking the date or the smell? How many will bother to take it back or even complain?
The time for accepting the lapsing standards is over. If the chain of control is inadequate, it must be exposed and rectified. Better still, bring back the private butcheries, where the meat isn’t prepacked and the blockman will recommend the best cuts, expertly butchered, without hiding the fat and bone on the underside of the packaging.

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