Monday, September 25, 2023

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Despite the current punishing heat, my thoughts turned to curry for supper – truth to tell, it doesn’t take much to turn my thoughts to curry. We love hot, spicy food in this family and although I have always made my curries from scratch, with individual spices, I have discovered a home made mix at the local deli that encompasses the range required for a very tasty curry, and the chilli can be added to taste. Our taste is at least a teaspoon of dried chilli, and if the hand slips, somewhat more. It’s all rather hit and miss, and we generally gauge the heat level by how long it takes for your eyes to water.¬†Remember that drinking water is not the solution if the curry is too hot and your mouth is on fire. Milk, yoghurt and particularly avocado will put out the fire at once. Hence the traditional accompaniments! I suspect that part of the attraction of hot food is the variety of side dishes that are required, and particularly my favourite rice, basmati.Spices have numerous health benefits, just as herbs do, and unless we eat them regularly and in quantity, we are not going to have optimum health. It doesn’t take long to adjust to spicy food and I can assure you that there will be no looking back when you do. The very thought of curry is enough to make the salivary glands burst into action, which indicates a pleasurable experience associated with such foods.Great for enhancing your mood, too. Don’t be reluctant, be adventurous!¬†

Look out for curry recipes to come!

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