Stars in my eyes

In the still of the night, there is only one thing to do. Step outside and look up and out into the universe. I have been a keen amateur astronomer for many years, but my blog post below from 2017 encompasses my general thoughts on nighttime.

The night is not only for thieves and vagabonds.
I was outside at 4am with the dogs, standing in my bare feet on the bricks under a waning moon. A frog croaked gently in the damp undergrowth – a leftover from the heavy rain of Wednesday – but the bricks were dry and not cold. No wind stirred the leaves as I waited for the dogs, and a few puffy clouds backlit by the bright moon barely moved between me and the stars, and I thought back to a time when it would have been quite normal to take a night stroll around the neighbourhood or even along the path down at the bay, to sit and watch the waves breaking under a moonlit sky in shades of black and silver, with only the rustling of a mouse or rat in the undergrowth.
“Stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper, I love you.”
Society has become such that all Man has to fear is Man. This surely cannot be the purpose for which we are on this planet.

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