Step up and step out

Gosh, but it’s hard to be positive in these times! Covid-19, a possible major war, economic meltdown worldwide, corrupt leaders, climate extremes, destruction of our planet through overpopulation and ignorance. And let’s not mention loadshedding. The list goes on and on and each one of us is affected in some way even though we are not necessarily participating in any of the aforegoing. The only way forward is to accept that we are unable to control these events individually, and will have to adapt or die, as has been the case since humankind began.

An important step forward is to realise that being positive, i.e. repeating the mantra that everything will work out in the end, is not the best way to deal with reality. Positivity is taking action to ensure that you accept what is and take steps to make the best of the situation. In the end, everything will work out, even if not in the way we had hoped for. Life is not a journey that is the same for everybody. Society has led us to believe that so many things are the norm and that if your circumstances deviate from the general way, you are somehow at fault or unlucky. This is not so. We are here to experience our own journey and all the things that happen along the way are to enable us to grow and learn as human beings.

You might ask what is the purpose of growing and learning? Well, we must be here for a purpose and it sure isn’t to spend 12 years at school, five years at university and 45 years slogging to pay the bills before a sometimes brief retirement wondering whether you have enough money to live on till you die. Some of these things are not quite as bad as they sound, but we should never lose sight of the fact that a simple life can be the best, where enjoyment of the world around us, the company of like-minded people and a few well-chosen pets to share our lives with can be infinitely more rewarding than the rabid materialism which has led, in many ways, to the current world problems.

Is it possible to step back in time to change the course of history? We may not have a choice. The way things are going, the conveniences of modern civilisation may not be available to us. Fuel shortages, buying food in supermarkets, electricity to drive our everyday tools and equipment, even (perish the thought) water-borne sewerage are all at risk where greed and mismanagement exist. This is where adaptation, innovation and the ability to think for ourselves rather than rely on a government to make things work (or not, as is the case) will be required. It will be time for us to stand up and be counted to make a difference, rather than wait for handouts that won’t be forthcoming. A time to take responsibility for our own circumstances and change what can be changed, adapt where it cannot and lead the way into a future that is uncertain but better than today. Step into the light, as surely as the sun rises every day.

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