Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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The ‘Share’ icon

The possibilities for marketing on social media are huge, and yet they lie unused, at the whim or most likely lack of knowledge of most participants on Facebook or Twitter, to name some powerful arenas, quite simply because they do not click on the ‘Share’ or ‘Retweet’ icons. Without this simple action, thousands of would-be entrepreneurs, artists, bloggers and others who just cannot afford advertising via the traditional methods are unable to get the word out. Imagine how far a post could reach if every ‘friend’ on social media ‘shared’ it with their friends, and their friends shared with their friends. Word could stretch across the world and someone in a far-off land, or perhaps just around the corner, could see a product that they would love to own, read a poem that someone has written that deserves formal publication or be in a position to launch the career of a struggling artist, simply through sharing a post.
I feel that we should all do whatever we can to assist others through life, particularly where it is justified and we are unable to assist financially. Who knows what fate has in store? But let’s give a helping hand!
So if you see a post that you feel would not harm your reputation or offend anyone from a person who is trying to further their progress in life in whatever way, or has the potential to inspire others, give a thought to sharing and retweeting. Social media is not just for sharing our kitty photos.
You could be instrumental in changing someone’s life!

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