Saturday, May 18, 2024

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A financial adviser once asked me what my most valuable asset was and I answered without even thinking: “Me!”

This is true for everyone. You are the most valuable asset you have. Your own input into life is what makes it a success or a failure – not monetarily, but in terms of your contribution to the world around you – the environment, your family and friends, society in general. If you see yourself as being without anything to offer, your contribution will be small and your life less lived than it could be.

I was blessed to inherit many things from my parents – a curiosity for the world and appreciation of nature, the ability to put brush to canvas with sometimes pleasing results and most of all a love of words on paper. There is nothing to be gained from wasting the gifts you are given, but the rewards of sharing them are priceless.

But why subscribe when you can read anything for free on the internet?

Times have changed very suddenly in this world, and the old ways are being reinvented to suit new lifestyles. Print media has fallen prey to the accelerating phenomenon of digital media (helped along by environmental calls to save the trees!) and convenience at your fingertips is enticing. Where adverts once paid for the expenses of the media industry, online subscriptions now need to fill a widening gap. Freelance journalists cannot survive without your support.


For the moment, most articles will be public, with a few requiring a password for access.
This is the purpose of the subscription, which can be quarterly or bi-annually to enable subscribers to gauge interest at a very reasonable price.

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